The positive side of euthanasia

In some cases, such as the administration of increasingly necessary, but toxic doses of painkillersthere is a debate whether or not to regard the practice as active or passive. His logic states that without life, no other value or good can exist, and therefore it is a prerequisite for all other values.

Euthanasia has always been a topic of debate from religious, practical and emotional angles. As the regulation varies depending on the practice in question, three different types of active voluntary euthanasia practice will be considered: We should not protect the biological quality of a functioning organism at the expense of social and intellectual quality.

To determine which course of action is morally correct, Pirsig says the process is simple. For the vast majority of patients, such a recovery is less likely than winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning in the same afternoon.

The 'Laws of Nature' are moral laws. Passive voluntary euthanasia thus appears to be largely accepted within current medical practice and, in most jurisdictions, generally recognised and permitted by lawdespite the refusal of medical practitioners and policy makers to describe these activities in such terms.

In the case of active voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide, it is crucial to realize that intellectual quality always supersedes social quality.

Return to Index VI. The corollary to this is that if any proposed direct moral rule, when generally acted from, increases overall good, then it is a correct direct moral rule Rosen, p.

What is euthanasia?

The secret practice of physician assisted suicide. Although the court did find that a right to refuse treatment could be found in the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, and did not prohibit the courts from looking in other areas for this right Adams, et.

Active euthanasia and the art of dying. In the more publicized case of Dr. Choose from a variety of designs below.

Killing a person or the permission of artificial death, is it right or wrong.

10 Arguments For Legalizing Euthanasia

Timothy Quill which discussed his decision to help a patient suffering from leukemia commit suicide Quill, Supreme Court's decision in the Cruzan case so interesting.

Each level of quality has worth in its own right. Their definition specifically discounts fetuses to distinguish between abortions and euthanasia: For the purposes of this argument, the focus will be on the involvement of a medical professional in the oversight and management of a suicide or, in other words, physician-assisted, rather than simply assisted suicide.

This section of the paper is designed to review those cases briefly and to assess how the rulings in those cases have set the policy for the practice of euthanasia today. It is this emerging consensus that made the U. The advance directive has recently become an important new device to aid the terminally ill.

When a physician administers pain medication in a significant dose, is this active or passive. In the realm of physician assisted suicide, only two major cases have been decided. Many states have legalized the advance directive, partly in an attempt to avoid dealing with problems associated with active euthanasia, and partly to help ease the burdens on the dying and their families.


In other words, the vulnerable were no more likely to receive assisted death than anyone else, with the sole exception of young white men—who were the primary users of the service. Involuntary euthanasia Involuntary euthanasia is conducted against the will of the patient.

There can however be legal repercussions under certain conditions for a number of reasons. Proponents of euthanasia also believe in the value of life, but they don't place it as highly on their hierarchy.

While this paper will contend that the difference between the two should not be recognized, it is both useful and important to know where the line is drawn. Rather, it is a function or the failure to establish the authority of others, in particular, the state, to intervene coercively.

Besides Kamisar, the risk of abuse argument has also been put forth by a host of other authors who variously claim that assisted suicides might result in flagrant murders that may be perpetrated by deliberately forcing or coercing self-destruction and that others may advance personal motives by aiding in suicide Adams, et.

Perlmutter, a Florida District Court of Appeals came to essentially the same conclusion Wolhandler, p. Perhaps the most intriguing argument against legalizing active euthanasia is presented by Elizabeth Wolf. Euthanasia is often called “mercy killing”.

It is intentionally making someone die, rather than allowing that person to die naturally. It is sometimes the act of ending someone’s life, who is terminally ill, or is suffering in severe pain.

7 Important Euthanasia Pros and Cons

But at the same time by allowing the euthanasia on the other side of the coin that there may be the chance of misuse or overuse of it and sometimes there may be a threat to the life. If we allow the euthanasia it may reduce the value of the life.

FDA to investigate after ABC7 exposes euthanasia drug in dog food

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Euthanasia by Carbon Dioxide

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Obesity - Is Obesity a Disease? Child Euthanasia (German: Kinder-Euthanasie) was the name given to the organised murder of severely mentally and physically handicapped children and young people up to 16 years old during the Nazi era in over 30 so-called special children's wards.

At least 5, children were victims of this programme, which was a precursor to the subsequent murder of children in the concentration camps.

The positive side of euthanasia
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